Paradise Park

Siyalemukela! Welcome to the exciting village of the Ndebele tribe. Enjoy the colourful and geometric mural art, as well as attractive beadwork that can only be found in this African village. The women have distinct stacks of rings round their legs, arms, and necks – it’s just mesmerizing! While you stroll through the village and talk to the locals, your pet can enjoy his spa and salon session. Plus, there are a variety of pet products to buy. If you have always wanted to visit the wild Africa with your loving pet, now’s your chance – and if you don’t have a pet, you can get a pet here!

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Icon Siam

Ves heill! For an awesome Viking experience, The Pet Safari at Icon Siam is exactly where you want to be! Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Viking-themed pet care store. As you soak in Viking mythology, get acquainted with the very best pet care products and services ever seen throughout history. We welcome you to explore our store in the same spirit the Vikings explored the world, and conquer the vast range of offerings guaranteed to excite even the most discerning pet owner.

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Central Festival Eastville

California Gold Rush! How about mining for some gold nuggets from the ol’ riverbed? Check out rock formations to see if they’re gold. Feel the gold rush thumping your heart as you discover little precious gems in the mine of The Pet Safari at Central Festive Eastville and have loads of fun. Here, you’ll find a number of pet care products including grooming options and a yummy bakery. And if you’re unable to find gold in the river, you can certainly find some crisp and golden baked goodies!

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Pet Lovers Centre