The Pet Safari is truly a unique and exciting concept when it comes to shopping for your pet. It is a megastore that combines pet care services and products under one roof - a brainchild of Pet Lovers Centre.


It is also a shopping experience like no other because The Pet Safari megastores are set up like theme parks, each with its unique theme, for you to explore to your heart’s content.

All these unique qualities are encapsulated in the official The Pet Safari logo. Three popular pets are represented in the logo, and you can identify them easily if you know where to look. A dog’s nose is in the letter P, a fish forms the letter E, and a pair of cat’s eyes and whiskers adorn the letter T. The logo’s bright, fun colors and funky fonts give out a fun, vibrant vibe and immediately grab your attention.

To the right side of the main logo is a red button that says “WE KNOW, WE CARE, WE SHARE”. This motto was initiated because The Pet Safari has the combined experience and expertise from some of the best people in the pet industry. “WE KNOW” because we have the best vets and the best groomers working with us and always ready to assist you with any concern regarding your pet. “WE CARE” because we love animals and pets. They are important to us as much as they are to you. And “WE SHARE” because we share our knowledge freely and help educates people on how to take care of their beloved pets better.

Last but not least, the tagline underneath the logo, “The Family Shopping Experience Even Pets Enjoy” is a fitting line that successfully sums up what The Pet Safari offers. The Pet Safari is indeed a fun and unique experience because you can even bring your pet along with you as you shop. All The Pet Safari megastores carry thousands of pet-related products with a variety of brands to choose from. Shop for anything your pet needs from food, supplements and medicine to clothes, toys, and accessories.

And while you’re there, you can have your pet in for a rejuvenating grooming session or a quick check-up with resident veterinarians. All this can be done in the comfort of a clean and air-conditioned environment. What’s more, all The Pet Safari stores are strategically located in major shopping malls in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for added comfort and convenience.

The tagline is also true because The Pet Safari is a meeting point that encourages families to bond over their mutual love for animals. Pets and pet owners alike can relax and enjoy goodies at the pet cafés and bakeries. Pet care and training classes are regularly conducted to promote responsible pet ownership. The Pet Safari is a trusted brand because pet care consultants are always on hand to provide expert advice and recommendations to pet owners.

Like the way it is with Pet Lovers Centre, passion for the welfare of our beloved pets remains at the core of The Pet Safari. It’s not your ordinary pet store. It’s a thriving community dedicated to pets and pet lovers of every kind, offering everyone a shopping experience like no other.
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